Artist Biography

I am a generation Xer and consider my life an adventure that has and does lead me on exciting journey’s and sometimes difficult experiences, which has put me on the path I am currently on. I grew up in Toronto, Canada, where I presently live but have not always lived here. In high school, I attended a small arts school by the name of Thornton Hall. It was there as well as other classes over the years that I learned and was exposed to current and classical techniques/mediums of art masters as well as art history. This marked the beginning of my love affair with art; its beauty, it symbolic meanings, it’s sometimes simple and sometimes complex means, timeless moments and the magic you feel when you experience a great work of art. Developing my artistic ability helped me handle my own learning disabilities, life challenges and build up my self-esteem from the age of 14 to this day.

My story has had a lot of twists and turns with its pivotal events and moments. In my twenties marked my passion for: traveling, animals & fitness. Many of my adventures and moments are expressed as images in my paintings.

I did volunteer work with wild animal, (particularly chimp enrichment) at the Wildlife Way Station, when I lived in California. This lead to my inspiration for the paintings Primate Passion and Dripping in Emotion.

I have studied, traveled and lived in different countries during which I experienced diverse cultures and ways of living that have given me an interesting perspective of people. I lived in California for 11 years. I was in Israel and Egypt and spent some time in Sinai, on the international base of the Peace Keeping Force. I lived in England for a year and did a lot of travelling throughout Europe. My education played a vital role in shaping ideas. I received a Master’s Degree from the American Film Institute and three Bachelor of Arts from the American Academy of Art.

I have had an essential tremor which started when I was a teenager and has gotten worse over the years. At the age of 24 I developed some other health problems which did created some obstacles for me, with my art as well as in other areas of my life. I work hard to stay in control of my medical problems, which lead me into the fitness industry. I am a certified aqua fit instructor, lifeguard and swim instructor as well as a personal trainer. All of this helps my health and makes it possible to paint and create with clarity and peace of mind.

As an artist, I take from everything I see and experience and use it to paint and create.

Artist Statement

My vision for my art is to create several different collections of paintings that show layers of life: the type of life we yearn for, the best and the worst things that life has to offer and the everyday timeless moments. I have chosen carefully to paint and show the very worst that people, organizations, governments and groups of like-minded people do that are not good, in a positive visual way. In quite a few but not all of my paintings these pleasant images are symbolically opposite in there meaning – to what you are looking at. All of my paintings tell a story no matter what collection the painting comes from. Some of the paintings are like a novel, some are short stories and others are a visual poem.

There is a common thread which runs through all my paintings. The idea of balance verses unbalance and how difficult it is to achieve balance in anything & everything.

I like to work directly on canvas with oil paint and when necessary mix other materials made or found, and work them into the painting.

My vision for these collections is to show in different ways the best of humanity and this world and what it could be or not be, by learning from the past and what has been done wrong. Everything matters whether it is big or small.